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The Board of Trusrees of the Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc
    The Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc., was established in 1958 as
 a registered not-for-profit corporation. The foundation raises funds to promote
 the academic purposes of Brooklyn College of The City University of New York and 
the educational welfare of its students in their relations with each other, the members
of the faculty, the alumni, and the community.

Marcus Alexis, ’53
Sam E. Beller, ’59
Walter S. Berman, ’65
Donald Buchwald, ’59
Edwin H. Cohen, ’62
James Fantaci, ’68
Clifford J. Friedman, ’48
George Friedman, ’56
Richard F. Gaccione, ’68
Bernard H. Garil, ’62
Allan Gibofsky, ’69
Stanley Goldstein, ’59
Barbara E. Kydd Graves, ’57
Jules Haimovitz, ’71
Frances A. Hess
Saul B. Katz, ’60
Christoph M. Kimmich
Murray Koppelman, ’57
Donald Kramer, ’58
Herbert Kurz, ’41
Michael Lynne, ’61
Daniel M. Lyons, ’39
Morris Mark, ’61
John J. McDonald, ’51
Wilma Sternberg Mooney, ’69
Harold Moskowitz
Lisette Nieves, ’92
Carmen A. Pacheco, ’81
Madelon Leventhal Rand, ’64
Jack Rimmer, ’46
Martin D. Sass, ’63
Irwin Schneiderman, ’43
Ellen M. Sills-Levy, ’63
Mel Silverman, ’42
Zachary Solomon, ’57, Chairperson
Alexander M. Tanger, ’41
George A. Thompson, ’95
Thomas R. Tizzio, ’62
Morton Topfer, ’59
Leonard Tow, ’50
Rochelle Udell, ’66
Roberta Rose Wallach, ’53
Bertram Fields, ’42, Emeritus

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